Name: Thoric
Location: Toronto, ON

Thoric is the original coder, and did not take on any other programmers for close to a year after starting his work on the code in summer 1994.  Previous to starting up his own mud, "Realms of Despair", he had played a mud called "Mozart", which was a highly modified SillyMUD.  He is currently the head programmer for, and was previously the head programmer for Python Communications, and before that was the head programmer for JoyCom Interactive, producing other works like the Internet TeleCafe, and NetTrivia.  He has been programming for over 18 years.

His main contributions include, but are not limited to the online building code (build.c), clans (clans.c), adding basic ANSI color support, the wizlist builder, the original player authorization system, levers, switches, pullchains, buttons, expanding the mud to 65 levels, (50 mortal, 15 immortal), the new experience system, the complex mobiles, resistances immunities and susceptibilities, hunting, mobiles hating and fearing, mounts, pipes, the extended container commands, object grouping, the extended/advanced exits, delayed room teleports, tunnels, lots of new exit flags, heaps of new affect types, kill tracking (individual for each player), new mud economy code, the SMAUGSPELL system, the skill table loading/sorting/editing system, the command loading/hashing/editing system, the social loading/hashing/editing system, the class loading/editing system, the bulletin board system, dual wielding, layered clothing, floorless rooms/falling, mental-state code, the smart string hashing code (hashstr.c), projectiles, pulltypes, extended bitvectors as well as countless bugfixes, minor coding details and many, many speed optimizations.
Status: Active

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